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Don't let your shoppers get lost in your store.
SMARTASSISTANT helps you guide them to products they will love.

Understand the shopper's needs

While product filters and the after-search-navigation are great for shoppers who are familiar with technical attributes like rotation speeds, megapixel, SD-Card, HDMI, etc., many users feel overwhelmed by them.

SMARTASSISTANT - like a good salesperson - is available whenever your customers need your advice and guidance to decide for products that are right for them.

SMARTASSISTANT lets you engage your shoppers in a conversational dialogue and asks need-oriented questions everybody is able to answer to suss out wants, needs, intended usage, situation, and preferences.

Explain features and benefits

Shoppers ususally do not buy, if they do not understand a product's benefits for them.

SMARTASSISTANT integrates contextualized information through information texts, audio or videos to educate shoppers on varied product features, point out latent needs, and explain how certain products benefit THEM.

All this information is displayed right at the shoppers' fingertips -
without the need for extensive research.

Guide to the right product

After each interaction, SMARTASSISTANT immediately updates a list of products that match the shopper's needs. And whenever there's no 100% match, SMARTASSISTANT goes on to display close alternatives.

But that's not it: SMARTASSISTANT also explains why a product was suggested and offers clear side-by-side product comparisons as well as the option to integrate product reviews and ratings.

All to help your shoppers make informed and confident purchase decisions.

Want to help your shoppers choose?

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The first cloud-based enterprise-class Guided Selling technology.

Product Data

Connect your category-specific product data with SMARTASSISTANT and schedule regular FTP or webservice data updates to make sure that your advisors are always up-to-date.

Create advisor

Let our Professional Services team and
our Partners create product advisors or
use SMARTASSISTANT Platform with its easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor to
build product advisors on your own.

Go Live

Copy-paste a few lines of JS
or HTML code to integrate your SMARTASSISTANT product advisors into your store or benefit from our integrations with popular e-commerce shop platforms.

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Over 60% of shoppers today seek advice and guidance before making a purchase decision. SMARTASSISTANT lets you help your shoppers choose you as their
#1 Point-Of-Decision.

SMARTASSISTANT already helps
millions of shoppers choose.


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